Investing in Cryptocurrencies – Class 1 – Getting Started


Interested in getting into crypto but don’t want to lose all your money? This class is for you. This is a 60-minute online class that will take place on August 18th at 7pm Mountain Time. The format will be an interactive presentation with visual aids. This class will be recorded. If you cannot attend the live session, you can still purchase this class and you will receive an email with a link to the recording for download.



Cryptocurrencies are the new economy. Even though we have seen explosive growth since their inception, we are still early and there are many, many opportunities. While it has allowed many people to create wealth far beyond their dreams, there are also many pitfalls through which you could lose everything. Hacks, rug pulls, pump and dumps, scams – it is the wild west and in this course I’m going to teach you how to navigate the space and stay safe. It is impossible to stay safe in crypto without understanding how it works.

In this first class, I will give an overview of the cryptocurrency space and what you need to get started. In order to be successful as an investor, you must understand what you are investing in. So we will form a framework of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology from which you can later understand and evaluate cryptoassets. This will lay the groundwork of understanding from which we will build upon in to later classes.

The world of crypto is quite complex and rapidly changing every day. In this course, we will focus on taking these complex concepts in a simple, easy to understand manner using visuals.

In this class, we will cover:

What exactly is cryptocurrency and why should you care about it?

What makes it a valuable investment?

What should I look for in tokens to invest in?

Where are the best places to buy it?

How should I store my assets?

Class duration: 60 minutes